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magento dynamic login

when you use sf full page cache or varnish that cahe the full page according diffrent url ,

you must have a method to get the dynamic contens , like login or minicart on the top header

this extension can help you get the dynamic contents . use js to invoke the php

It will make sure the extension work ok , you must read the document ,beafore you use the extension .

beacuse , the extension need to be configuration . Please see the full extension documentation here for additional information and guidance with setup.

how to get the extension:

dynamiclogin download……

if you are in trouble , Product Q&A:

ask question ……


how to use , for example :

open the file :app\design\frontend\base\default\template\page\html\header.phtml.and put the code in header page .



then , visit url you can see like this .

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    • i just upload this code to magento , and neet to be approved for some days , so there no this extension link now . if you want to this code , i can sent it to you by email ,directly . 回复
  1. Sorry but I'm trying to understand your example but realy I'm not finding how make it work. I'm trying your FP cacheextension wich look realy realy good but have the login and minicart caching problem. I have installed this extension but not able to find hot to use it. Can you please make a more detailed example? on my header.phtml the minicart is called with getChildHtml('cart_sidebar'); ?> How can I make it work without caching it (or it look like be always empty) Thanks 回复